Eating Disorder Nurse

The more time that I spent with eating disordered patients, the more my fascination and passion grew and the realisation that going into Mental Health Nursing was absolutely the right decision.

I continue to work within the Adult Eating Disorders Service in South Essex part time, but received a text message from Jane Dalgliesh a few months ago to inform that PEDS were looking for nurses.

I have now also worked at PEDS for 3 months and so grateful for Jane reaching out as the team are so passionate about working with patients and so supportive of fellow colleagues, making my short time at PEDS extremely enjoyable and I’m excited about continuing to gain further experience.

I’m a mum to one grown up daughter who has given me a beautiful grand daughter, who I absolutely dote on – well, both of them really!

I also have a keen interest in Karate, having achieved my 2nd Dan black belt and also trained in Method Acting, having, funnily enough, had my television debut as a Scrub Nurse in the Karen Carpenter Autopsy series!