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Patient Referral Form

PEDS is currently closed to new referrals. We are reviewing this regularly and will update this page accordingly.

We strongly recommend you see your GP to determine if your symptoms meet the requirements for the local secondary care specialist eating disorder team- CPFT AEDS (or CAMHS ED if under 18) and to book an appointment for a health check.

If you feel at risk or in a crisis, please contact:

Whilst we are unable to process your referral, you may also find the following resources useful:

  • BEAT(online support and helpline)-
  • ARFID awareness -
  • Recovery Record Eating Disorders -
  • Psychological wellbeing service- (for anxiety related to the disordered eating /thoughts)
  • Tool box strategies / information via our website
  • Books:
    • Getting Better Bite by Bite,
    • Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder,
    • If Not Dieting, Then What? ,
    • Beating Your Eating Disorder: A Cognitive Behavioural Self-Help Guide for Adult Sufferers and their Carers,
    • Skills-based Learning for Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder: The New Maudsley Method ,
    • ARFID Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder: A Guide for Parents and Carers