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Patient Referral Form

Our charity works as part of a collaborative pathway with the local NHS eating disorder team and if your symptoms meet the criteria for the secondary care eating disorder team (CPFT Adult Eating Disorder Service) we will, with your consent refer you on to them and let your GP know.

We can accept referrals from individuals in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area only.

Please note that we recommend anyone referring themselves to us to also make an appointment with their GP for a health check.

PEDS does not provide a service for those in a mental health crisis or in need of urgent care. We are not able to accept referrals if the individual is currently experiencing suicidal thoughts/plans or has been actively suicidal in the past 12 weeks. In this case, we would recommend the individual seeks support initially for their low mood and self-harm risks via their GP, First Response Team via phoning 111 option 2 (if within Cambridgeshire) or A&E. There is also the SHOUT text service via Texting SHOUT to 85258.

Current waiting time: 4-6 weeks for routine assessments and 2-3 weeks for priority assessments.

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