EDAW 2024

Holly article

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) is our busiest week of the year and once again we had the opportunity to shine a light on eating disorders, share more awareness, and connect with our local community to reach the highest amount of people each year and reduce the mortality rate of this devasting illness.

The PEDS team has been working super hard and we were very happy to share our 2024 campaign with you.

Our “I Wish " campaign focused on eating disorder sufferers' reflections on their own experiences and journey to recovery while “Building a Life to Get Well for”. We shared their wishes with you, to show recovery is possible, highlight the importance of hope, and share some positive recovery outcomes. We have reached thousands of people via our social media channels

During EDAW you were able to find us in multiple locations across Cambridgeshire including Peterborough, Cambridge, Stamford, and Huntingdon regional colleges, City College Peterborough, and Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, thank you for taking part in our campaign and talking to us.

Thank you to all of the colleges for allowing us to talk to your students.

Special Thanks to the Serpentine Green Centre for donating the space and providing us with the opportunity to share eating disorder awareness- Pedsie the Lion has been very popular among the younger population of our community and definitely will appear in the future.

We spoke to over 100 people that week and we would have not been able to do it without the support of our peer support workers and volunteers.

Please follow us on social media to access the " I Wish" content- Facebook - Instagram.

Some of the wishes from one of our Volunteers, Holly:

"I wish I realised sooner that I am unique, strong, and fearless. When I did realise, it was empowering and helped me push further during recovery. I hope other people in recovery have this ‘epiphany’ moment.

If I could go back in time and talk to the 15-year-old me, I would say ‘You are doing a cracking job, I understand what you are going through and in time it will get better. Whatever happens next, I believe in you, you are incredibly strong and determined. Don’t let these negative moments define your future, remember to turn them into a positive. When people say you will feel ‘normal’ soon, you will it's true. Don’t be standoffish with your Nurse, Counsellor or Therapist, or too angry, they will help. It does take time, but it is truly worth it, and you will be happy. Let yourself ‘roll with the emotions’, grieve appropriately and it is ok to feel things. You are important, please look after yourself as I have learnt it does help you heal quicker. Smile and be you. You awesome human!"