Training and Education Team

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The PEDS Education and Training team provide training to various types of organisations;

  • Primary Care - GP surgeries

  • Schools - Primary, Secondary, Colleges

  • Higher Education - Universities

  • Mental Health organisations

  • Sports Clubs

Our general training overview consists of;

  • What are eating disorders

  • Prevalence of eating disorders

  • Types of eating disorders

  • How to have conversations

  • Assessment considerations for medical professionals

  • Referral pathway

  • Signposting

The Education and Training team have now provided a total of 42 training sessions to a total of 1,055 people, with the highest attendance online being 321 and face-to-face being 60.

Our training duration varies depending on the availability of the organisation but we can provide a 45-minute to a 2-hour long training. We find the longer sessions ensure ample opportunity for interaction, case studies and a Q&A whereas, the shorter sessions are a more lecture style.

Alongside our organisational training, Claire and Daniel have been trained to deliver ‘The Body Project’ in secondary schools. This is an evidenced-based workshop aimed at creating cognitive dissonance to counter the appearance ideal. The training consists of 4 x 1-hour workshops aimed at students who identify as having body acceptance concerns.

Claire and Daniel have also been trained to deliver the New Maudsley centred Parent / Carer workshops which consists of 5 x 2-hour workshops;

  • Workshop One – Introductions, Psychoeducation, Emotions and Empathy

  • Workshop Two – Cycle of Change and Motivational Language

  • Workshop Three – Reflecting on Caring Responses. What to Try When Things Feel Stuck

  • Workshop Four – Coaching Your Loved One to Make Their Own Changes

  • Workshop Five - Review and Reflect

The team have also created several lesson plans for secondary schools focused around food and mood, eating disorders and the impact of media. These resources can be found on the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough healthy schools website.

If you are interested in any of the training above, or would like to find out more, please contact Claire ( and Daniel (